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George Pickett & Ginny Horning:

As coordinators for the Division of Continuing Education at the University of San Diego we have worked with Lisa Dempsey for the last three years relating to a program entitled "Professional Teachers Program (PTP). This program consisted of sixteen different  online interactive classes. Lisa was the glue that brought the instructors, the students and the Continuing Ed office staff all together as one working machine. She designed an efficient and effective program that worked effortlessly for both the instructor and the students. When human error did occur, Lisa was there to fix the problem immediately. All the instructors and the Continuing Ed staff loved to work with her because of her cheerful, competent and prompt work ethic. We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa Dempsey and would be available to communicate further by phone or email.

Peter Paul:

In my capacity as Vice President of Teachers Network (a major national and international non-profit organization), I had had the EXTREME DELIGHT to work on virtually a daily basis--by phone, computer, etc., etc., with Lisa--and, I have to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt... Lisa is one of the most professional, hard-working, take-charge-and-fix-the-problem, experienced, easy to work with... professionals I have ever met.  I absolutely give her my VERY HIGHEST recommendation... I simply cannot imagine a more personal, efficient, and effective worker / professional than Lisa.  Incidentally, since Lisa also managed virtually all of national and other web courses... we had constant feedback from students / users / and even university staff... and ALL comments were stunningly fabulous.  There was NEVER a single complaint--only the highest of praise for Lisa.

If the above seems in any way exaggerated, please believe me when I say it is not.  ANY company / business who has the special opportunity to have Lisa work as part of their team is truly and exceptionally fortunate.

Benna Golubtchik:

It is my pleasure to recommend Lisa Dempsey. Lisa and I have worked closely together for over 10 years. As a consultant to Teachers Network, my duties included managing online courses approved by the New York City Department of Education for new teachers. While my responsibilities included writing and maintaining content, Lisa created the platform and managed the data base for thousands of students. She created a system of registraton to keep detailed records on individual profiles and coordinate the materiale purchases for each student, even though different courses required ordering different items through our store. Because of the systems Lisa developed enabling us to access individual student profiles, we have been able to respond to students' questions about past courses, even years later.

Lisa set up a database allowing us to update the posted curricula easily. Lisa has always been available to help when problems arise beyond our control, such as helping us troubleshoot when people have problems with their computers.  Without Lisa's competence in setting up systems that enabled us to enroll thousands of students in multiple courses, all concurrently, Teachers Network would never have been able to successfully serve the many students we did.

I have the highest praise for Lisa's abilities. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Oliver Trager:

This letter is to recommend Lisa Dempsey as not merely a highly-skilled and reliable web designer but a guiding vision in whatever project crosses her keyboard. I brought a complex and detailed project to Lisa which she handled with aplomb and humor. And because I was interested in keeping my costs to a minimum, she shared with me the skills to complete much of the task myself. When a question arose, Lisa was always prompt to respond and the very few, minimal problems that cropped up were swiftly and completely solved. I highly recommend Lisa to any prospective client.

David Cassford:

Lisa Dempsey has been working with Cassford Management since 2006. She has designed and coded numerous custom applications for us. She has made our work a great deal more efficient for us and our clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and I hope to be working with her for many years to come. Please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Joy Hastings:

I  had worked with Lisa  at a real estate company (Prestigious Properties of New York) and based on that decided to work with her when developing my own two photographic web sites.

The two photography sites  needed to be different, yet still showcase my work. Lisa was able to take my vauge ideas and creatively turn them into sites I am proud have out in the world.

 As I have  zero  web knowledge Lisa built a back end to the sites that allowed for great flexability when inputing the images, and showed patience, and professionalism when faced with my lack of knowledge.

I would certainly recommend Lisa Dempsey to any one who wants to work with a creative, knowledable professional.